The Challenge

Sustainable Europe

Excessive car use within Europe is not sustainable in the long term. Greenhouse gas emission, particulates, structural traffic congestions and daily accidents, ... it's not what we envision as the future for our countries. The best European cities to work, live and play in today, are those that invest in an optimal mix of mobility options.

Public transport

One way to reduce excessive car use, is to boost its alternatives. There are some great initiatives, involving bikes (and bike sharing), homeworking, carpooling, etc. An important place in sustainable mobility is reserved for public transit. Over 57 billion trips a year in the EU rely on public transport. We want to help increase that number.

The passenger experience

Ideally, people prefer the more sustainable alternatives automatically when appropriate. In reality, we found out that public transport is an acquired taste: it works reasonably well for regular users, but newcomers are scared away by its complexity. To put it simply: if you're not used to it, it's just not the easiest option. Let's fix that!

Our approach

Our recipe

To convince people who are not using public transport today, we start by looking at the products and services that they are using already. Events, hotel stays, business meetings etc.: the list is endless. Next, we offer an easy and unified way to integrate sustainable mobility options in such a way that it improves these products.

Friendly to public transport operators

We understand that our message is not the easiest to digest for public transport operators. But our intentions are clear: we are here to grow their business, by converting car-miles to public transport ridership. Our business model is based on creating value for the passenger.

Open to developers

Our product is not yet another app. We fully understand that the best way to reach a heterogenous group of users is to have them select their tools and interfaces of choice. Our solution is open to developers, so they can easily embed public transport pricing and ticketing within their applications.